New DVM Mentorship: Building the Future of Veterinary Medicine

September 13, 2022

NVA Canada has designed an innovative mentorship program to support new veterinarians, created to build medical knowledge and surgical skill, develop important nontechnical abilities, and help them excel in the personal and professional aspects of general practice.


Mentees will enjoy educational opportunities beyond what’s available at any individual clinic. Feeling prepared to work with patients and their people, as well as collaborate with a new team, helps boosts confidence.

The NVA Canada mentorship is open to all licensed veterinarians who are new to small animal practice. That includes internationally trained graduates, plus those transitioning from another area of practice or returning to clinical veterinary medicine.

Our approach is flexible, including continuing education at the support centre, as well as synchronous  and asynchronous learning.

Learn from the experts

With a curriculum created and delivered by experts, we help hone the skills doctors need most in daily practice.

Non-technical skills

Our focus on whole practitioner development includes training in communication, practice management, leadership, wellbeing and resilience. After all, while patient care is at the core of who we are, providing it requires close collaboration with our clients and clinic teams.

Technical skills

Mentees continue to build on their strong veterinary medicine foundation through interactive rounds sessions, as well as hands-on dental and surgical skills training. Our program focuses on the development of sound diagnostic reasoning, which builds self-confidence in managing the variety of cases that come through the door.

Multiple avenues of support

In addition to their clinic team, participants are also supported by the NVA Canada mentorship team, and “matched mentors” from our DVM community.

We value the impact of mentees hearing varied perspectives and backgrounds from throughout our community. Drawing from multiple resources and individuals contributes to participants’ comprehensive growth and well-being.


Our innovative and expertly designed curriculum helps new DVMs adapt to clinical practice efficiently and confidently. The program is run through our support centre by a dedicated team of veterinary professionals. We partner with clinics and their mentees right from the start and throughout the program, offering meaningful guidance.  

We offer training to our mentors to ensure that everyone is on a clear path, equipping them with helpful tools and a map for success. Then we check in regularly with mentors and mentees to allow for real-time adjustments to the program and additional opportunities to support growth.

Those results ultimately benefit the practice, the mentee and the entire clinic team. A clinic’s willingness to participate in the program is likely to attract new DVMs, assisting with the need to recruit top talent.

From talented new doctors to outstanding practices, the NVA Canada mentorship program creates an environment for mutual success.  

Reach out to mentorship@nvacanada.ca for more information