Partners in Possibility

Introducing our 2023 education series

As we kick-off our 2023 education series, we're excited to host a number of webinars on timely topics by experts in their respective fields. Open to all veterinary professionals, click links to register. More sessions being added soon.

April 11, 2023

Colliding Forces: My journey as a Veterinarian, Mom, youth leader, and cancer patient.

7:00-8:00pm ET

This NVA Partners In Possibility talk is NOT to be missed! We are honoured to have Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) McGregor, C.M., a pioneer in women’s leadership, named in 2022 women's history month as one of three women who changed the face of the vet industry.
You’ll hear about women in leadership, overcoming adversity, and harnessing the power of the inner critic for the better, including the perspectives gained from her 95 one-hour interviews and interactions with some of the most prominent Canadian women in leadership. Prepare to be inspired!”. A copy of “Women on the Ballot” will be sent to the first 100 people who register for this virtual hour with Betsy.
Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) McGregor

May 30, 2023

Euthanasia Rounds: What went wrong? Creating an open forum for discussion and improvement

7:00-8:00pm ET

Like Morbidity and Mortality rounds of human hospitals, euthanasia rounds at veterinary practices help teams determine what went wrong and learn from mistakes.
What might be even more important will be the opportunity for staff to voice concerns and share their emotions in real time. We aim to find a way to give meaning to the past by learning and improving for the future. It’s also helpful to discuss what went right, to highlight the successes of staff members, and pay tribute to beloved patients. In this session, we’ll discuss how to create, structure, and facilitate these important meetings.
An introduction to CAETA’s new Euthanasia Review Department will be included in the lecture.
Dr. Lianna Titcombe

February 28, 2023

VetJobs: A Canadian Veterinarian’s Journey To Glasgow and Back

3:00-4:00pm ET

Join Dr. Emily Jentsch as she shares her story from student to veterinarian via Glasgow. And, how she is taking her journey to new heights with the launch as the founder of, with the goal of helping more veterinary professionals discover the career of their dreams across Canada.
Dr. Emily Jentsch

January 31, 2023

Dentistry Bites: Top Tips You Need to Know in 2023

7:00-8:00pm ET

We’re kicking off our 2023 Partners in Possibility Webinar Series with a focus on Dental Disease. Just in time for February, join Dr. Rosaline Lorrain as she counts down some of the top tips you need to know for this Dental Month. This session is graciously sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition.
Dr. Roseline Lorrain
Sponsored by Hill's Pet Nutrition

November 29, 2022

Presenting the Third Biennial Merck Wellbeing Study:  Veterinary Mental Health & Wellbeing and How to Improve Them

7:00-8:00pm ET

Continuing the discussion of mental health and wellbeing among veterinary professionals, this webinar highlights the results of a new survey of veterinarians and compares these results to those of two previously conducted studies. This new study offers a deeper look at the impact of the COVID pandemic, burnout and its causes, and how veterinarians can enjoy a happier and more fulfilling career. Also highlighted for the first time are findings related to the mental health and wellbeing of veterinary staff.
Dr. Laura Harrison, BAH, BSc DVM

January 25, 2022

Building a well-being and resilience tool-kit

7:00-8:00pm ET
Practical tools and strategies to help prevent burnout
Colleen Best DVM, PhD, CCFP

February 23, 2022

I'm not selling my practice - but I might one day

7:00-8:00pm ET
Tips and Tricks to maximize the future potential value of your practice
Michael Kemp

May 10, 2022

Recruiting 101: From Nose to Tail

7:00-8:00pm ET
Sherry Nelson & Rohin Rai

June 7, 2022

Connecting Equity & Inclusion to Wellness in Veterinary Medicine

7:00-8:00pm ET
Angie Arora

September 13, 2022

Leading by Nature

7:00-8:00pm ET
Neli Gontier

October 25, 2022

Unlocking Potential – New Challenges Need New Solutions

7:00-8:00pm ET
Dr. Caroline Brookfield