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Navigating the complexities of international relocation and licensure can be challenging, particularly for ambitious veterinary students. We understand that moving countries is a human experience before a professional experience. That’s why we create meaningful relationships with International Candidates to ensure you’re matched with the right hospital—not only based on your skills and qualifications, but also based on your family, friends, preferred community, and you as an individual beyond veterinary medicine.

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By partnering with top-notch immigration specialists, NVA Canada provides:

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Frequently Asked Questions

In most instances, in order to receive a license to practice in Canada, a veterinarian will require a Certificate of Qualification from the National Exam Board.  For veterinarians who have graduated from a program not accredited by the AVMA, a series of examinations are required. 

With over 140 companion animal practices across Canada, NVA Canada offers countless options across styles of practice, community culture and geography. Hiring international talent often requires an employer to seek government approval to hire, this often informs our search to find your perfect match for your next chapter in Canada.

Most candidates require an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) in order to apply for a work permit. If this is the case, once you sign your offer of employment, the approval process for the LMIA can take between 4-6 weeks. From there, visa processing times are dependent on the local immigration offices in the applicant’s country.  Average processing times for Temporary Work can be found on the Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada website here. Generally work permits are issued for 2-3 years. During your stay in Canada, you can explore applying for Permanent Residency - some practices may be in a position to support this process.

All practices in our community are different in the types of support they offer to relocate. Some practices will financially and administratively administer the immigration process in order to secure a candidate’s ability to legally work in Canada.  Some practices will provide allowances to support expenses associated with relocating. Some practices will support candidates to secure housing locally, especially where the local housing market may be difficult to navigate.

Candidates’ communication skills are assessed throughout the interview process.  No language exams are required to secure work with NVA Canada however the National Exam Board may require language exam results to be submitted in order to register your profile.

Our network of practices is committed to continuing education and providing Associate Veterinarians with allowances and paid days off each year to pursue their professional interests. These allowances can be dedicated to attending conferences of interest or specific training courses.

We know that there is often more than one person impacted by a big move! Our recruitment team and the practice will support your spouse and any dependents to feel comfortable with the process, support with referrals for job opportunities, answer questions about immigration, etc. Many practices will support the cost and administration of the work and study permits required for your family to join you.

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