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Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley.
Langley City, BC

Unlock a world of support for outstanding medicine.

You and your staff spend every day dedicated to the pets and people of your community. No one understands your hospital’s unique culture and contributions the way you do.

Yet many hospitals could build even more for themselves and the pets they serve if they weren’t doing it alone. Collaborating with trusted teammates helps create opportunity.

NVA Canada is your partner in possibility. We spend every day dedicated to empowering Canadian hospitals like yours to achieve new goals.

People and medicine come first.

We’ll represent you, not direct you. Clinicians with rigorous training and practical experience understand the medicine—sometimes what’s needed most is clearing barriers to making that medicine available.

Capital investments from NVA Canada can open the door to expansions or new builds. We can populate hospitals with upgrades like life-saving equipment. Or perhaps IT infrastructure is the missing piece that will take your hospital to new heights of care. Whatever you need, we’re listening.

Local Canadian hospitals lead the way.

We’re here to help you achieve more, not rebrand what you’ve built or let medical mandates get in your way. We provide Canadian-based expert resources that help your medicine and business thrive, from recruitment to operations support and so much more. Our role stems from your particular circumstances and objectives, with a priority on maintaining your unique culture.

Caregivers deserve care, too.

You put your heart into healing and helping. We’re here to look after you, assisting you from behind the scenes. We offer unique resources for clinicians, including wellness programs and access to a global system of veterinary leaders and peers.

We also provide unmatched opportunities to develop and train your people. They’ll be engaged by the chance to grow, you’ll enjoy stronger teamwork than ever, and client experiences will benefit.

We offer programs such as:

  • Professional development to help our DVMs enjoy fulfilling careers including our Mentorship Program for recent graduates, new veterinarians and participating hospitals.
  • CE curriculum and online learning to improve medical and management skills
  • Hospital Manager and DVM workshops to increase personal and professional life balance
  • NVA’s exclusive Health of Healers retreat—a multi-day program that gives hospital leaders a chance to focus on their own wellness

Our Canadian Support Centre keeps your team focused on what they do best.

Your staff is here for the pets, not the paperwork. Delegate the business side of medicine to our best-in-class capabilities teams. They live locally and are well-versed in Canadian laws and policies.

Our recruiting team handles the daunting task of finding qualified doctors who match your culture. In fact, they placed 100+ top-level doctors in our hospitals during a year marked by never-before-seen challenges.

Then there’s our marketing team, who can further build your hospital’s brand through the digital ecosystem, from online reputation through search engine marketing. Our technology team supports your IT infrastructure around the clock. Our services go on and on, including field and business operations, real estate, procurement and more.

Explore your ownership options.

The terms of our future together are up to you. Perhaps you’re a sole proprietor looking for collaboration. Or maybe you already share ownership of your practice with other doctors, and you all have individual goals. We’re very comfortable with personalized structures based on what matters most to you.

If you’re looking to retire while ensuring your practice is in good hands, we can purchase 100% of your business. Not quite ready to walk away? We can structure a joint venture. We also offer unique opportunities like associate buy-in programs. Then from tax implications to payment options, we have the experience to smoothly guide your experience.

Selling your practice?

What we have seen happening over the last few years is a condensed and more pressurized selling process. When you are looking for the ideal partner for your life's work, keep in mind that time is on your side.

Take the time you need to evaluate your options, work with experienced advisors and determine the best fit to protect and grow your legacy.

Why Dr. Louis Kwantes joined NVA Canada

Dr. Louis Kwantes chose to partner with NVA in 2016 to help his practice in Sherwood Park, Alta., “up their game.” He was looking for uncompromised focus on the health and well-being of the animals—while maintaining the culture he’d spent years building.

Listen to his story as he shares details on how he made his decision, and the benefits he’s enjoyed ever since.

Let’s have a confidential conversation.

Every day we meet with veterinary owners like you who are simply exploring their options. Partnership with NVA Canada could open new doors for you and your practice, all while protecting the special relationship you’ve built with your community. We’re here to confidentially answer your questions and discuss the possibilities of partnership.

Please contact us when you have a moment. We’d love to learn more about you and your practice.

Dr. Brenda Taylor

I have been part of the Canadian veterinary community for 29 years. I co-owned a practice in Guelph/Ontario until December 2019. I had heard and learned so many positive things about NVA and now I am thrilled to be part of the NVA Canada team. I look forward to being a part of bringing our dedicated support and love of community to all the hospitals we serve today, and in the future. I'm excited for what's to come with new hospitals, additional medical collaboration, and improved benefits.