NVA Canada’s innovative mentorship program helps new veterinarians develop the skills and behaviours to thrive. If you are a veterinarian new to companion animal practice, or a seasoned veterinarian with a passion for working with new veterinary talent, this program is for you!

Join Us. Grow Together.

Program Benefits

Mentorship has a wealth of benefits to mentees, clinics, and our profession as a whole. Among these benefits, a robust mentorship program:

  • Offers educational opportunities that complement the in-clinic training mentees receive
  • Creates a strong sense of community which includes and surrounds our mentees
  • Increases mentee confidence and passion for our profession
  • Improves our ability to attract and retain recent graduates and doctors who are new to companion animal practice

Expert Curriculum

With a curriculum created and delivered by experts, mentees have the opportunity to hone their technical and non-technical skills while developing into confident and independent practitioners.

Technical skills: Dentistry, surgery, and medicine

Non-technical skills: Communication, leadership, business, well-being and resilience

Practice Support

There is considerable support provided to practices who offer the program. NVA Canada’s Support Centre offers mentor training, checks in regularly with clinics and mentors, and facilitates the overall program.

Participation Opportunities

Our mentorship program is geared to practices curious or committed to hiring veterinarians new to practice in Canada. We actively encourage experienced veterinarians with a passion for knowledge sharing, keenness to serve and learn, desire to invest in the future of our profession, and those committed to supporting the growth of veterinarians to serve as mentors within our program. We are excited to grow this program over time, allowing us to invite additional participation. Reach out to mentorship@nvacanada.ca for more information.

Mentorship Details

NVA Canada’s Mentorship Program is a cohort-based program that provides unique opportunities for mentees to develop their professional identity and diversify their skill sets. The program is open to all NVA Canada clinics hiring new graduates, as well as candidates who are new to small animal practice, including internationally-trained graduates.

Mentorship takes the form of:

  • dedicated continuing education time at the support centre
  • synchronous learning
  • asynchronous modules

Supporting the holistic development of mentees, this curriculum includes topics such as communication, leadership, well-being, resilience, and practice management.

Focused on supporting mentees in practicing high quality medicine. This is done through interactive rounds sessions, as well as hands-on dental and surgical skills learning.

Support for clinic teams including mentor training. Both mentees and mentors will have regular check-ins with the mentorship team to allow for timely adjustments to the program.

Connect with a DVM from the community who can support comprehensive growth and well-being.


It’s your clinical year, and NVA Canada is here to offer you a home for your externship. We’re excited to provide an externship stipend program allowing you to get the clinical experience you need; make the connections you want and provide a stipend to offset your travel and living expenses.

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