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Dr. Clark’s International Veterinary Journey

October 25, 2023

Dr. Clark’s journey to becoming a veterinarian at an NVA Canada hospital was a remarkable one, marked by determination, passion for animals, and a deep commitment to her profession. Her story is a testament to ...

Elective Declawing

March 30, 2023

In alignment with NVA Canada’s mission to improve the comfort and well-being of pets by providing progressive and compassionate care, NVA Canada does not support the elective declawing of cats. Instead, NVA Canada encourages pet ...

NVA Canada Supports International Recruiting March 2023

March 23, 2023

Embark on a fulfilling journey in the Canadian veterinary landscape with NVA Canada! Discover your perfect Canadian destination and launch your veterinary career with us. With thriving practices across the nation, we offer you diverse ...

NVA Canada Announces New Specialty and Emergency Veterinary Practice in Nova Scotia

October 14, 2022

Set to open in early 2024, the Halifax area hospital will meet the growing demand for urgent, after hours and specialty-care NVA Canada, one of Canada’s leading providers of veterinary care with 150 locations in ...

New DVM Mentorship: Building the Future of Veterinary Medicine

September 13, 2022

NVA Canada has designed an innovative mentorship program to support new veterinarians, created to build medical knowledge and surgical skill, develop important nontechnical abilities, and help them excel in the personal and professional aspects of ...

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