NVA Canada is proud to support several charitable and philanthropic initiatives through our initiative ‘NVA Canada Cares’

NVA Canada Cares embodies NVA Canada’s purpose and values, fostering community engagement to enhance connections and belonging, and creating a social impact through initiatives that enhance pet wellbeing and employee welfare through a focus on holistic health.

We extend support to a diverse range of causes, including an annual national charity selection, responsive disaster relief efforts, and local sponsorships driven by community practices.

We support through various means, including financial and corporate donations, facilitating and endorsing volunteerism, organizing fundraising initiatives, events, and campaigns, implementing matching programs in collaboration with local sponsorships, and more.

For the 2023/2024 calendar years, NVA Canada Cares is proud to be supporting Community Veterinary Outreach as our national charity. Their One Health initiative, proximity to community locations, established fundraising expertise, existing collaborations with partners, and strong community connections align with our values

NVA Canada Cares will also make timely donations to registered charities that are directly involved in disasters in proximity to an NVA Canada location. This program is made possible through the financial support of Merck Animal Health Canada.

Eager to get involved?

Email events@nvacanada.ca to volunteer and support!
All positions, roles, and experience levels welcome in all parts of Canada.